The Longest Flights In The World (and out of BDL) 2018

Longest flights in the world by duration

Although long flights may sound like torture at first, they actually help improve passenger comfort by shortening the amount of time a flight lasts. After all, longer flights mean more time spent in the air and less on stops.

And thanks to the development of ultra long-haul aircraft, such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, and the use of efficient great circle (often Polar) flight paths, these type of flights will become increasingly common in the future.

That’s why we have listed the longest flights both by distance and duration to give you a clearer picture of how far and fast you can go with a single flight. Keep in mind that these are average times and numbers may vary widely between flights due to weather conditions, wind patterns, ATC holds, etc.

Longest flights in the world by distance

October 11 is the date set for the return of Singapore Airlines Flight 21 which had been discontinued since November 2013 after dominating the longest flight by distance title for almost a decade. The flight will use the powerful Airbus A350-900ULR to take 67 business and 94 economy class passengers from Newark, NJ to Singapore (a distance of 9,535 Nautical Miles) in less than 19 hours. Flight 21 closest competitor and current record holder is Qatar Airways QR 920 which travels the 9,011 NM that separate Doha, Qatar from Auckland, New Zealand.  [tbody]

Rank Distance (NM) Route Airline Flight Aircraft
 1  9,535  Newark – Singapore  Singapore Airlines  Flight 21  Airbus A350-900ULR
 2  9.011  Doha – Auckland  Qatar Airways  QR 920  Boeing 777-200LR
 3  8,988  Perth – London  Qantas  QF 9  Boeing 787-9
 4  8,819  Auckland- Dubai  Emirates  EK 449  Airbus A380
 5  8,758  Los Angeles – Singapore  United Airlines  UA 37  Boeing 787-9
 6  8,587  Houston – Sydney  United Airlines  UA 101  Boeing 787-9
 7  8,569  Sydney – Dallas  Qantas  QF 7  Airbus A380
 8  8,440  San Francisco – Singapore  Singapore Airlines United Airlines  SQ 31  UA 1  Airbus A350-900

Boeing 787-9

 9  8,433  Johannesburg – Atlanta  Delta Air Lines  DL 201  Boeing 777-200LR
 10  8,385  Abu Dhabi – Los Angeles  Etihad Airways  EY 171  Boeing 777-300ER

Longest flights in the world by duration

Flights can also be measured by duration, with the longest one also being Singapore Airlines Flight 21, which is scheduled to last one hour more than its closest competitor. United Airlines flight UA 37 connects Los Angeles to Singapore and is the current record holder using Boeing 787-9 aircraft to reach their destination in an average time of 17 hours and 21 minutes. However, flight UA 37 is scheduled to be discontinued by October 27, where it will be replaced by San Francisco as its place of Departure.

Rank Duration (Hours) Route Airline Flight Aircraft
 1  18:38  Newark – Singapore  Singapore Airlines  Flight 21  Airbus A350-900ULR
 2  17:21  Los Angeles – Singapore  United Airlines  UA 37  Boeing 787-9
 3  17:20  Perth – London  Qantas  QF 9  Boeing 787-9
 4  17:17  Doha – Auckland  Qatar Airways  QR 920  Boeing 777-200LR
 5  17:07  Houston – Sydney  United Airlines  UA 101  Boeing 787-9
 6  16:57  San Francisco – Singapore  Singapore Airlines United Airlines  SQ 31 UA 1  Airbus A350-900

Boeing 787-9

 7  16:47  Sydney – Dallas  Qantas  QF 7  Airbus A380
 8  16:34  Auckland – Dubai  Emirates  EK 449  Airbus A380
 9  16:27  Toronto – Manila  Philippine Airlines  PR 119  Boeing 777-300
 10  16:11  Jeddah – Los Angeles  Saudia  SV 41  Boeing 777-300

Longest flights out of Bradley (BDL) Airport

Most non-stop flights coming out or arriving at Bradley International Airport connect to other national and North American airports. However, the longest direct flight until recently was flown by Norwegian Air International and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach Edinburgh, Scotland in 6 hours and 25 minutes. That non-stop route was cancelled earlier in the year though and now United Airlines to San Francisco is the longest flight and takes just 5 minutes less than the Edinburgh flight did, but going against the winds it takes longer to make the much shorter distance that separates both coasts.

Rank Duration (Hours) Destination Airline
 1  06:20  San Francisco SFO  United Airlines
 2  06:13  Los Angeles LAX  American Airlines
 3  06:05  Dublin DUB  Aer Lingus
 4  05:30  Las Vegas LAS  Southwest Airlines
 5  04:30  Denver DEN  Southwest Airlines
 6  04:13  Cancun CUN  Delta Air Lines
 7  04:12  Houston IAH  American Airlines
 8  03:56  Dallas DFW  American Airlines
 9  03:48  San Juan SJU  JetBlue Airways
 10  03:20  Miami MIA  American Airlines



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