AAA parking discount for Bradley Airport Parking BDL

Executive Valet is pleased to offer AAA members a special discounted rate for their BDL parking.

AAA members parking rate for Bradley Airport at Executive Valet:

$7.95/day with the 7th Day free

“Show Your Card and Save” if you drive to the lot without a reservation or pre-book online and use promo code SYCS. Membership card may be requested at the lot.

2018’s Worst Airline Passengers

Poor plane etiquette – An Expedia study

Many travelers across the globe experience some form of annoying behavior in a flight especially due to the unique pet peeves that each one of us has. These annoying behaviors make the journey more difficult and less enjoyable.

Expedia’s 2018 results of its Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study has revealed that the top three things most people can’t stand are seat kickers, barefoot passengers and excessively chatty or loud travelers.

Kids on planesSome airline carriers have decreased the amount of leg room to accommodate more seats, hence the habit of constantly kicking and grabbing the other passengers seat has become popular. This habit is however found annoying by more than half of the survey respondents. Actually, seat kickers/bumpers/grabbers were ranked at 51% in the list of worst flight passengers. 62% of the travelers prefer notifying the flight staff about the annoying behaviour as a form of insurance against the same. Continue reading “2018’s Worst Airline Passengers”